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6 Casual Summer Outfits for Women

While summer is synonymous with ice creams and sunscreen (lots of it), it is also the season for wearing cute and casual outfits. We are talking about strappy sandals, cool dresses, and straw bags to carry essentials.

But the warm weather does not mean that you have to go all out and splurge. Some essential pieces of clothing and the right accessories are all you need to look chic, stylish, and comfy at the same time.

To help you navigate the summery fashion, we have come up with some practical outfit ideas that you can pull off easily. Let's get you summer-ready!

Longer-Line Tee White

A white t-shirt is one of the basics that you must have in your wardrobe. Pair it with anything you like, and you have an outfit. But if you want to make it fashionable, you will appreciate the longer-line t-shirt.

A longer-line t-shirt, longer than the others in your closet, provides you with an effortlessly casual look. It can be beneficial if you want to wear clothes in layers.

Do not wait to own this fantastic addition to your wardrobe! Buy your longer-line white tee now.

v neck tee for summer

Mind the Silhouette

The longer-line trend, however, requires you to handle and style the piece carefully. The abundance of fabric lends longer-line tees a particular look that to pull-off you need that most essential accessory: confidence.

Longer-line tees can be paired with a pair of jeans for a classic yet trendy look. Do you have leather-look leggings? Finish it with sneakers or flat sandals, and get set to carry a fashionably casual look.

Despite their relaxed vibe, it is crucial to understand that with longer-line tees, you should stick with a toned-down look. Think monochrome colors (you can never go wrong with white and black) and more comfortable fabrics. Your longer-line tees should also be minimalistic. Keep things simple to style this piece. A plain tee or a striped one will look casual yet styled.

But not without your shoes! It is time for your street-style sneakers to come out and enjoy the weather. You can choose to slip into a pair of gladiator sandals with skinny jeans or bring out your boots with the laces undone at the top.

Or maybe you’d prefer longer-line striped tee.

One Piece at a Time

Longline tees are particular items of clothing. If you're not used to dressing in them, you'll want to go slow. Try one piece, let yourself adjust to the look and feel of the outfit, and then try another.

You can start by pairing them with your jeans and gradually move to style them in layers. No, we do not want you to wear your long line tees with a long cardigan in winter. But, how about a long t-shirt with a shorter, structured coat? Or a short biker jacket?

If you are going to wear layers, remind yourself of the occasion and dress accordingly. You would not want to wear a long tee with an equally long and loose shirt for dinner with friends.

To create a contrast in your dress, pair your longer-line tees with another item of a different length. You can also layer the longer-line white tees with denim jackets for a stylish, head-turning look.

If you are comfortable with color blocking, longer black tees are your friends and are excellent for layering with various lighter colors. As for footwear, your comfy pair of white sneakers might like a sunny day out.



Too Casual for Casual Fridays

These are not looks that would perform well in, say, an interview. Dressing well includes knowing the style requirements for each setting you're entering in.

So if you plan to wear a longer tee to your workplace this Friday, we suggest you think again. This is a casual summer outfit and may look out of place in a work setting.

Is there an office party? Feel free to slip into a casual longer t-shirt and layer with a striped jacket or an open-front shrug cardigan with lightweight knit. Sheer cardigans with long sleeves can be a good choice for summer outfits and help you layer stylishly.

A long line piece exudes casual and cool in your dress, which is not the best outfit for your workplace. However, for lunch with family or a date, you can dress in a long line t-shirt. Remember to pair it with a bright summery jacket and keep accessories to a minimum.

Tank Tops

A sleeveless shirt with a collarless design, tank tops are a popular casual way to dress. Layer it or use it as a singlet. The humble tank top shall never let you down.

Tank tops can have a relaxed or snug fit and can be plain or have patterns. You can also find tanks that are waist-length or cropped.

Depending on the design, fabric, and occasion, you can wear a tank top under your shirt or as outerwear for brunch or as sportswear when you want to sweat out some calories. However, remember that a tank top is a casual outfit. Wearing it to your workplace may not be the best idea. Here is some style advice to help you dress up this casual summer outfit.

Check out this pineapple punch tank top.

Be Discreet

Tank tops reveal your shoulders and arms. If you feel conscious, these items can be worn with scarves, shirts, or other vests on top of them to complement the tank.

Wearing a cute graphic tank top with a plain shirt can make you look cool in hot weather (and wick away the sweat). It will also help you to cover your arms and neck from the Sun.

If a shirt makes you hot and sweaty, how about a scarf to complement your tank top? Women, dressing casually does not have to mean that you do away with your scarves! Style a cotton scarf in darker hues or bright motifs with a light-colored tank top, a comfy pair of jeans, and sandals to let your feet breathe.

Your casual summer outfits are the perfect opportunity to mix and match. If you are headed to the beach, wearing a tank top with a casual shirt and a pair of shorts can make you stand out against the sandy beaches.

Or, Don’t Be Discreet

A completely different approach is to just let the tank top be worn with few or no adornments giving the piece and the wearer's body the full focus.

If you are headed for a meal with friends or a casual outing, a tank top with a statement necklace or fashionable earrings can amp up your casual summer look. You can wear a pair of jeans or trousers to highlight your tank top.

You can buy a brown muscle tee and pair it with light-colored trousers and sunglasses. The shoulder pads in the muscle tees will give them structure and can be worn as a standalone piece.

Beach and tank tops gel well along with shorts and sarong skirts.

If you are going for a workout session, a tank top could be a good summer outfit. It is comfortable and can be worn for running, jogging, gym, or a match. Styling it with minimal accessories can help you bring the focus back to the shape of your body.

brown muscle tee

Pair It with High-Waisted Shorts or a Pencil Skirt

If you have a basic tank top, your casual summer outfits are open to styling. You can come up with various outfit ideas and style them as you like.

You can wear your tank top with a pencil skirt to look chic and modern at lunch, or pair it with high-waisted denim shorts. You cannot run out of outfit ideas to style with a tank top (or a muscle tee like this green tie-dye piece).

If you have flowy summer dresses with plunging necklines, you can wear a tank top underneath them. A high-waisted striped skirt and a tank top can make for a cute summer outfit. Wear your sandals, and you are sure to rock the summer fashion.

The summer season also lets you look cute with a simple tank. Put on your floral shorts, casual trousers, or calf-length skirt, and you are ready for summer.

Green tie dye muscle tee

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