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An Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Graphic Tees for Women

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Graphics tees have been a fashion trend for years, and if you're a fashion lover but find yourself without one, now is the best time to correct that error. 

If you already have some eye-catching graphic t-shirts that you're struggling to style you'll find this article helpful. Whether you prefer a fitted graphic or an oversized graphic tee, you'll find styling your tee pretty easy at the end of this article. 

On the other hand, if you wish to buy the best graphic tees for women and don't know where to begin your search, we recommend browsing Arlo Blue's website for the best quality women's graphic tees. 

We've outlined some graphic tee outfits for  inspiration in this guide and some vital considerations to help you shop for the best tee's for you, your friends, and your loved ones. Let's dig in!

How to Style Your Graphic Tees

Graphic Tee With Sweatpants

If you're aiming for a comfortable look while being stylish, consider pairing it with sweatpants to give off a fashionable but cozy look. 

Graphic Tees With Shorts

Combining your graphic t-shirt with a pair of shorts is one way of making a fashion statement. Whether you want your shorts to be visible or hide them with an oversized tee, ensure you pair them with footwear matching your style. For instance, if you're aiming for a streetwear look try pairing your tee with shorts and Air Jordans.

Cropped Graphic Tee Outfits

Another great option for styling your tees is to crop them. Consider styling your jeans with a cropped tee. You can add a fancy belt to your high waist pair of jeans to increase the attention on your crop t-shirt. 

Graphics Tees With Trousers

If you aren't too fond of wearing shorts, especially with an oversized t-shirt, consider styling them with baggy jeans or skinny jeans. You can aim for a fall-type outfit by wearing a long-sleeved shirt under your oversized tee. 

Graphics Tee With Overalls

You can play around with overalls for your graphic tee. Besides adding lots of fun to your tees, you'll be giving off a badass stylish look if you accessorize with sporty kicks, trendy oval sunglasses, delicate jewelry, and a sleek crossbody.  

Graphic Tee With Button-Up

Combining your t-shirt with a button-up long sleeve worn underneath is one style you can recreate at home. You can fully open the button-up to give a relaxed and comfortable appearance, making the tee noticeable. 

Now that you have an idea of how to wear your graphic tee, you might want to add one to your collection by buying one from Arlo Blue or another reputable company so you can look stylish and comfy at the same time.

Types of Women's T-shirts

T-shirts come in various fabrics, fits, and styles. Seeing as these vary depending on the seasonality, occasion, and your outfit choice, you might want to have at least a few different tees in your wardrobe.

Boat Neck

Also called the plateau neck and a brainchild of Jeanne Lanvin, who founded the famous French fashion house, the boat neck tee extends the shoulder and frames the clavicle. This women's tee is perfect for a pear-shaped body as the neckline showcases their fuller hips. 

Beautiful woman in a V-neck graphic tee


These tees can be combined beautifully with a cardigan and blazer and even show off your cute bralette if the V is cut deep enough. 


With a history in seafaring, this tee with a fitted and functional neckline is best worn as a base under button-downs. You can also tuck it into something more glamorous, such as palazzo pants or a pleated midi skirt.  


Perfect for the summer, especially during workouts, a sleeveless tee or tank is best combined with not-too-tight or baggy pants for mobility and ultimate comfort. 


You might want to stay warm and stylish with a long-sleeved tee during cooler seasons. Simply ensure the sleeves aren't too long, and they extend way beyond your wrists to avoid getting dirty and damaged quickly. 


Out of all the women's t-shirt types, the short sleeves are the easiest to style and suit every figure. Simply match one with straight-leg jeans or a midi skirt and look effortlessly stylish.

How to Care for Your Cotton T-shirts

Seeing as your t.shirt is a go-to piece of clothing, you'll want it to last. The best graphic tees for women are generally made from cotton, so the following instructions will come in handy for prolonging their lifespan

Sort Your Laundry

Laundry sorting prevents color transfer, graying, and dulling. Ensure you place your graphic tees together and wash them to retain their vibrancy.

Wash Sparingly

Constant washing takes its toll on natural fibers. Hence, washing only when necessary helps slow down the aging process, making the cloth last longer. It also reduces your carbon footprint by enabling you to conserve energy and water. 

Use Cold Water

Using cold water to wash your cloth prevents shrinkage and removes yellowish stains caused by sweat and deodorants while reducing your environmental impact. 

Wash Inside-out

Ensure you wash your graphic tee inside out to safeguard the color against damage. It also hinders the natural cotton from pilling and fuzziness while ensuring the tee doesn't snag in the washing machine. 


To avoid shrinkage, you might want to ignore the tumble dryer and air-dry your tee. However, it's best to keep it away from direct sunlight to reduce the chances of its color fading. 

Treat Stains Immediately

Suppose you went out rocking your graphic t-shirt and got a stain, having a portable tool like a detergent pen or wipes is the best way to tackle the stain immediately. 

Considerations for Buying Graphic Tees

Whether you want something new for a casual day out or a tee that showcases your style or passion, you might want to consider a few things before making your purchase.

With many materials, styles, and brands to choose from, it's often hard to decide which one is best for you. The following are some vital considerations for buying a graphic tee:

Select Fabric Material and Type 

Fabric composition is a vital factor when choosing a graphic t-shirt because the fabric determines the quality. The tee comes in either polyester, soft cotton, or a mixture of synthetic fiber, rayon, and cotton. 

Cotton is the most common t-shirt fabric because it's comfortable, cool, and breathable. On the other hand, 100 percent polyester t-shirts are uncomfortable for everyday wear but perfect for sports due to their stretchy, lightweight quality. It also absorbs sweat easily from the body. 

A well-styled graphic t-shirt with a denim jacket

Check the Overall Fit and Size

One thing you shouldn't compromise on is how comfortable the t-shirt is, especially during summer. You need to consider the fit and size before buying any graphic tee. Suppose you don't know your size, it's best to try the t-shirt before buying it to avoid ending up with one that's either too small or too big. Sadly, this option isn't possible if you're buying online. 

However, you can measure your chest size and shoulder width with a measuring tape and check the brand's measuring sheet for the right tee. Most online stores offer size chart comparisons or list body measurements according to their product sizes. 

It helps if you're familiar with your body type and proportion to pick the best tees that will suit your fashion sense. For example, a loose-fitting graphic t-shirt will be best if you're on the skinny side. On the other hand, a well-defined physique is better off rocking a tight-fitting t-shirt.  

Pick the Best Printed Designs

The design image on your graphic t-shirt is essential. Inarguably, the cool quotes, slogan, artworks, and other elements displayed on the tee's front will need to draw your eye and make you fall in love with it before buying it. 

Graphics t-shirts come in visual designs, like photos, words, or patterns depending on the material. It's best to pay attention to the graphic designs to avoid buying a poor-quality shirt. If the graphic is peeling or cracked, your tee won't last.  

Choose the Graphic Tee Color

Before choosing your graphic tee color, it's best to consider your skin tone and the t-shirt's purpose. Although most people think black is the best color for graphic tees or any other type of wear, the truth is that black makes people appear too serious. 

People with light skin tones will do well with a white tee to brighten up their complexion, appear upbeat and look fresh. However, if you'll be doing lots of work, it's best to ditch your white graphic tee for a darker color to avoid getting it dirty quickly. 

Gray is best for looking professional, while people with medium skin tone will find Burgundy or maroon women's graphic tees perfect because they add a bit of color to their wearer without looking too loud. 

On the other hand, dark people will find olive green or green colored t-shirts pleasant because they make the dark skin stand out while still looking refreshing and light.

These colors can easily match most clothes items and are great for day-to-day wear. 

Check the Seams and Stitches

A poorly sewn graphic t-shirt will have a poor fit and distort your shape by hanging down your body. Thus, before buying one, ensure you inspect the hems, sleeves, and collars for loose threads and check the stitching. 

Don't ignore this vital part because a clothes's seams and stitching greatly determine its longevity. 

Consider Your Budget

Before going graphic tee shopping, you'll need to consider the amount you have to spend. You might want to visit some reputable t-shirt websites like Arlo Blue or Etsy to see how much t-shirts cost. You might want to refer to their custom reviews.

While applying codes and coupons will help you get the best deals, it’s best to avoid low-quality and cheap t-shirts. 

Care Label

The tag or label found in the graphic t-shirt's inside collar is essential and shouldn't be overlooked. To ensure your graphic tee lasts a long time, it's best to read the label. 

You might want to consider the graphic tee label if you value comfort. Bad-quality t-shirts often come with laser-cut labels that scratch the skin and are itchy. If you're unfortunate enough to buy one, the back of your neck will be at the mercy of constant irritation from the tag. 

Ensure you buy a t-shirt with tags printed on the fabric or woven-edged labels to enable you to enjoy your graphic t-shirt. 


A graphic t-shirt ensures you remain stylish and classy while being comfortable. However, you must know how to style it to stand out. Hopefully, this guide on buying the best graphic tees for women will help you find a great t-shirt. 

Besides its styling, we outlined the vital considerations to make while purchasing a graphic tee, including the color, price, and fabric. We are confident you'll make the best shopping choice with this information.

If you're ready to join the trend and look comfy and stylish at the same time with a graphic tee, one of your concerns might be where to shop for a quality tee. Worry not–Arlo Blue is your one-stop shop for all things women's t-shirts. As the leading online women's clothing store, Arlo Blue sells trendy, premium graphic t-shirts while offering unique designs and the best shopping experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Check out our catalog today for the best-quality women's graphic tee to see what suits your taste and preference. Happy shopping!

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