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19 Best T-Shirts for Women in 2022 To Wear Every Day

T-Shirts for Women

If you're a woman living in the 21st century, you've almost undoubtedly found yourself frazzled to the point of breakdown, weighed down by the question nobody should have to deal with:

Why is it so damn hard to find a quality, durable, and good fitting t shirt these days?

It's not like we don't have choices. And as common as t shirts are - literally everywhere - there are slim pickings when it comes to those that look amazing on your body, make you feel like a million bucks, and come with a palatable price tag.

Seriously, it shouldn't have to be this hard. So we've scoured the web for days to bring you a selection of t-shirts that (finally) tick all the boxes.

Read on to discover our favorite t shirts that will make your staples the most prized aspect of your entire wardrobe!

The Plain White Tee

Nothing is more valuable and versatile in our t shirt collection than the classic, reliable plain white tee. You can wear it ANYWHERE.

White boxy crop tee

This crewneck beauty gives you the ultimate comfort and class, and you can wear it on your hottest dates, at a big work function, or with your pajamas on a Sunday morning.

Seriously, there's nothing this basic tee can't do!

The T Shirt with Accented Pockets

Pockets! Couldn't get enough of them, am I right? As women battle for the righteous path towards more pockets in our fashion staples, zebra pockets honestly couldn't have come soon enough.

Not only does this white t shirt offer function and versatility, but you also get to do it zebra-style, and add a flash of wild to your mood. Bingo.

The Bright V-Neck

The classic V neck is held with high esteem in the world of women's t shirts because the collar line accentuates the bust.

This design is perfect for women who want to highlight their curves, whether you're rocking a curvy or petite frame!

The V neck adds a more formal and dressy element to the classic casual t shirt, and the bright colors give off a positive and optimistic feel!

White Boxy Crop Tee

White boxy crop tee

A white boxy crop tee is your instant ticket to modern street cred. White tees are perfect for everyday wear because they're casual, crisp, and they go with anything. This get-up packs the same punch as the classic white fitted crewneck tee, only it has a "street vibe" shorter length to it.

This baby tee is a perfect match for high waist jeans or skirts.

Organic Cotton Tee

For the environmentally conscious, you can't go wrong with a premium organic cotton

The ultra-soft, silky feel of the fabric against your skin is easy, breathable, and super lightweight for those hot summer days. Organic cotton tends to resist wrinkling, and is machine washable. Not to mention, the yellow shade will be a hot color over the spring and summer season of 2022!

Animal Print Tee

This spring, animal prints are being revived, re emerging from shelves everywhere on which they've been hibernating for the last few years. Finally it’s time to bring these wild prints back to the street.

Jazz up your outfit with a classic crewneck tee or v neck tee that features a pop of animal print! We adore the zebra, and you can find this style in leopard and dalmatian print too!

Tee with a Split Hem

Split hem t shirts are designed to fit around the bust and shoulders, with a taper through the centreline. They typically hit between the waist and hips, and are slightly longer than normal t shirts.

Split hems add a flowy and feminine touch to women’s t shirts. They're incredibly flattering on curvy figures and add movement to a petite frame.

Classic Striped Tee

The classic striped tee is a fantastic staple for any wardrobe! Thicker stripes in contrasting colors tend to stand out more than pinstripes. And you can be creative with a stripe design!

The general rule is: horizontal stripes emphasize width, vertical stripes accentuate the height, and diagonal stripes tend to stand out and capture attention.

Stripes can be fun to mix and match with other stripes, spots, and bold patterns!

Classic V Neck Tee

This classic white v neck tee is the ultimate wardrobe staple! Not only do they elongate your neck and frame your face, but they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

We adore this white V neck from Arlo Blue. It's made from high-quality fabrics, fits like a dream, and will go with just about anything!

Extended Shoulder Tee

lilac extended shoulder tee

Extended shoulder tees are a great option for women who want a little more coverage without sacrificing style. This lilac style by Arlo Blue has an extended shoulder which is flattering for the arms and is made from lightweight fabric.

 It's perfect for those hot summer days when you want a breathable top.

Unisex Teeshirt

This pale pink unisex teeshirtis the ultimate "day off" uniform. If you're looking for the perfect tee for those lazy days where you don't feel like putting much thought into your outfit, this is the one! 

It goes with almost any outfit, and the slouchy fit offers optimum comfort for both men and women because it's not restrictive around the chest and shoulders.

Deep V Neck Tee

Just like a normal t-shirt, but with a deeper V shape than the others, this style can add an extra spark to a casual outfit and is great for showcasing your favorite necklace or summer scarf.

Show off your curves and add a sultry touch of femininity to any outfit with a deep V neck tee!

Longer Line Deep V Neck Tee

This model is similar to the deeper V neck tee, but it features a longer length so it fits comfortably around your waist. This style is perfect to wear with leather-look jeans and skinnies!

Create a seductive combo by adding a leather jacket and ripped blue jeans for some serious street cred, or pair a light-colored long line deep v neck tee with some neutral shorts for a feminine touch.

The "I'll Wear This to Anything" Teeshirt

This organic cotton unisex tee in black can be worn night or day, to literally anything you want. It's one of those "wake up, throw something on, get out the door" kinds of teeshirts, which is an asset to any wardrobe (especially if you're a mum!).

Work this beauty with jeans and heels, as well as trackies, or tights for running in. Seriously your options are endless with a favorite t shirt this versatile!

Oversized Boyfriend Tee

black teeshirt

Nothing can beat the boyfriend teeshirt. For instant street-cred, and ultra style points if you're mixing it with some classy sunnies and boyfriend jeans, this oversized fit is not only comfortable but functional and versatile too!

This comes in black, features a round neck, and is classy casual to boot!

Cute Slogan Tee

Who doesn't love a good slogan tee? Not only are they fun and trendy, but they also make a good statement. We recommend this yellow "Brighter Days" tee from Arlo Blue.

Not only is yellow coming into the light this season, but the tee carries a message we can all get behind too. Slogan t shirts draw attention to you when you wear them, because they usually have a short catchy phrase. 

You can represent your unique personality with a good slogan shirt. Whatever sentiment you feel like repping, do it with a fun slogan tee!

Graphic Print T shirt

The best part about graphic print tees is that they allow you to show different elements of your personality! It doesn't matter what you're doing when you wear them, whether you're out shopping, at school or work, in bed... They're even great for racy sports events.

This Strikes Twice Cotton Organic Tee, and this Jungle Heart Round Neck t shirt will show off the more racy competitive aspects of your character, or your softer side, respectively.

Tie-Dye Muscle Tee

Muscle tees will bring you cool, calm, and collected vibes. For a casual and youthful feel, opt for a muscle cut that will show off your stunning muscle tone and long, gorgeous arms!

What's even better, it's featuring our favorite spring t shirt design: the tye-dye!

For an additional twist, crop this top with a tie on either side and wear it with high-waisted jeans to create a muscle baby tee for winners!

Embroidered Tank Top

Show off those toned shoulders and strut your stuff in this gorgeous round-neck embroidered tank top.

The black color creates a striking silhouette of the garment's shape, and the embroidered slogan "The Time is Now" spreads a message you'll want to be yelling from the rooftops!


What is the best quality cotton for T-shirts?

Pima cotton is one of the best quality cottons you can buy for t shirts. Extra long fibers ensure the softness and durability of the cloth, so it resists pilling, stretching, and fading. It is a lightweight fabric and feels luxuriously soft to the touch.

Alternatively, any organic cottons will ensure you have a good quality t-shirt fabric that will go the extra mile.

How do you know if a T shirt is of good quality?

The best way to tell if a t shirt is of good quality is to touch it. The fabric should be super soft and firm at the same time, not plastic, clunky, or starchy. Check the quality of the fabrication: hemlines should be located at the sides. Many fast fashion outlets' hemlines twist in towards the center of the shirt as the cotton fabric is too stretchy.

The best cotton will keep your body temperature cool, is machine washable and wrinkle resistant.

What size tee shirt should I wear?

You should always choose a tee shirt that is a comfortable fit around your shoulders and chest. If you're in between two sizes, opt for the larger one for extra comfort. T shirts should be fitting, flattering, and make you feel absolutely fantastic!

What are classic T shirts?

The classic fit t shirt emphasizes comfort and features a precise cut from the chest to the waist. The shoulders contain a broader cut which creates a clean shape and highlights good posture in the person wearing it. Certain designers will taper classic fit shirts down to the waist.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! A total of 19 of the most stylish, versatile, and durable tee shirts for women in 2022. No matter what your style or budget may be, we guarantee you'll find something perfect for you on this list. 

Arlo Blue has the ultimate stunning, high quality, and comfortable selection of tee shirts available at affordable prices. If you want to know more about the best t shirts for women, get in touch with Arlo Blue today! Happy shopping!

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