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Fast Fashion - How we can do better for ourselves and the environment

It's Sinead here, owner at Arlo Blue.  Today let's talk briefly about the subject of fast fashion. Whether you like it or not, brands like ASOS, H&M and Pennies (Primark) are now major players in the global fashion industry.  The truth is the lure of fast fashion is undeniably strong, especially when your order gets delivered to your home and can be sent back without question

However, it’s not news that fast fashion brands like ASOS usually mean unpleasant production practices, questionable labour policies, and an attitude towards the environment that is "produce now, think later".

Let's take a quick look at ASOS, for example. It launched over 20 years ago and it has become one of the most popular online fashion destinations. This British company supplies over 850 different brands, and you can find whatever you need at an affordable price.

ASOS state their goal is to help customers "feel, look and be their best," which is what we all want of course. ASOS boasts the ability to provide for all of your apparel needs, whether you need a  party-dress for a night out, an outfit to wear as a wedding guest, a bikini for your summer holidays or some comfortable loungewear for those days when oversized clothes are essential.

Have you ever added a dress you love to your ASOS website cart, forgotten about it, and then returned a few weeks later to find the dress is no longer available? If you’ve been in this situation, there are some things you need to know before buying at ASOS. Storing trending items is of absolute importance to ASOS, and around 40% of its stock is not more than three months old. ASOS is known to deliberately introduce several ranges of clothing at a single time to create a "trend story" instead of slowly feeding the items to their website like other brands do. 

This strategy has established ASOS as an "authority" on-trend. Fast fashion is one of the largest polluting industries

Is ASOS Sustainability Focused?

ASOS' sustainability rating is moderately promising, but it still has a long way to go. About 34% of materials used in ASOS' internal labels are sustainably procured. The website also has a vintage and used section, one of the most sustainable shopping strategies. 

Despite their sustainability-promoting efforts, ASOS is still a fast-fashion company. Its strategy of hastily releasing trendy styles makes it challenging for sustainability goals to be achieved. This culture further supports the opinion that fast fashion is extremely unsustainable, no matter how you look at it.


What You Need to Know About Fast Fashion

‘Fast fashion’ refers to an unsustainable clothes-making method that produces affordable clothing swiftly in response to recent style trends. Companies that practice this type of fashion sacrifice both the sustainability of their production methods and the quality of their materials to take advantage of a quick-to-change industry that heavily depends on trends.

The fundamental word here is ‘fast’. Companies would rather produce clothes to keep up with what's trending rather than take the time to make quality apparel. Fast fashion greatly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. 

Since they rarely take advantage of sustainable sources, these clothes often contain hazardous chemicals and materials, non-sustainable dyes, and microplastics.

Fast fashion mostly involves the use of inexpensive materials, and that's why the clothes are so affordable. While they may be good for the wallet, these materials decompose slowly, intensifying fast fashion’s negative impact on the environment. 

After all, clothing-related waste that can’t disintegrate accounts for 20% of water pollution. For an affordable price in the short-term, we all pay a worse price in the future.

ASOS Fast fashion results in sickening amount of waste

As more people are beginning to understand the environmental impacts of their shopping habits, customers are moving on to more ethical brands. 

Despite being aware of all the harm that Fast Fashion does, it can be easy to be drawn back in, due to the affordable prices for new "on-trend" items. But  if you're a woman and you'd like to find high quality, slow fashion pieces then definitely check us out at Arlo Blue.  For some more food for thought here are our top 5 pieces of advice if you are starting out on your slow fashion journey.


  1. Invest in Timeless Pieces: Invest in timeless, classic, versatile wardrobe staples that transcend trends. These pieces not only have enduring style but are also made to last.

  2. Quality Over Quantity: It's an old adage but when it comes to your slow fashion journey think quality over quantity. Choose fewer, higher-quality garments that withstand the test of time, over time these pieces will be more cost-effective and reduce environmental impact.

  3. Explore Second-Hand and Vintage Options:   Explore second hand shops and vintage stores to uncover a whole new world of retail therapy. Thrifting not only adds a unique touch to one's style but also promotes sustainability by giving pre-loved items a new life.  Buying second-hand is a fantastic way to both save money and contribute to a circular fashion economy.

  4. Care for Your Clothing: This is an often over-looked area when it comes to slowing down your consumption in terms of fashion but caring for your clothes properly in terms of how we wash, dry and store them can really make a difference in the amount of clothes you are disposing of and that may eventually end up in landfil.

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