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Women's pocket t-shirts

Why Buy an Arlo Blue Tee?

Finding the perfect t-shirt isn't easy. If you go to the high street, most of the tees are see-through, bad quality, and made from uncomfortable fabrics. If you go high-end, you're going to be paying an arm and a leg for a t-shirt and your bank balance won't thank you for it. That's why we created the Arlo Blue tee, a t-shirt for all women that's comfortable, durable, and comes at a reasonable price.

That’s what we do at Arlo blue: we make great quality basics for women from breathable, comfortable materials but don't expect you to pay the earth for them. Our t-shirts are super soft and designed to fit the curves of your body, flattering your figure while keeping you comfortable. With an Arlo Blue tee, you'll always look and feel your best.

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Basic Pocket Tees for Women: A Buyers Guide

At Arlo Blue, we have a variety of different styles of t-shirt, one of which is the pocket shirt. If you're debating whether to opt for a plain tee or shop for something with a little more style like the pocket tee, there are plenty of different factors to consider. As with everything in the fashion world, choosing which t-shirt you're going to wear is serious business!

The main factors to consider are use, occasion, and functionality.

What are you using your t-shirt for? Besides covering yourself up, are you wearing your t-shirt to express yourself, to fit a certain role (such as a member of staff in a restaurant), or to keep you warm underneath a jumper? All of these things are going to affect whether you get a pocket or not. If you're just buying a t-shirt for layering, opting for a pocket would be a little pointless. If you have a dress code at work, your pocket might breach the rules.

Next up is the occasion. A pocket t-shirt is definitely casual, so it's perfect for day wear or a casual evening. But for going into the office or on a date in a restaurant, a plain tee that you can dress up would be more suitable.

There's also functionality to consider. A pocket doesn't change the performance of your shirt too much, but it can be useful if you need to keep a slim card wallet safe or hold a few pens at work.

Why you might want to choose a Pocket Tee

If you love wearing clothes that are fun and full of character, you'll adore the pocket tee! T-shirts are an essential in every wardrobe and an incredibly versatile piece of clothing, but they're not always the most interesting fashion item you own. Unless you add plenty of accessories, they can be a little plain. For people who love the minimalist look or styling around their tees, this isn't a problem, but if you want a t-shirt that you can throw on quickly, you might not be happy with a basic tee. Enter the pocket t-shirt.

By adding a pocket to the t-shirt, the whole design is instantly more interesting. There's a splash of color, a contrasting pattern, and something to draw the eye. It's effortlessly chic, ensuring you look fashionable 24/7 in the easiest way possible. What's simpler than putting on a t-shirt?

You can then style your pocket tee to make it a little more formal or uber relaxed. At Arlo Blue, we have a range of animal print pockets that would look great matched with an animal print midi skirt. Tuck in your t-shirt, cinch in your waist with a stylish belt and dress the look up or down with either trainers or heels. For this outfit, it's all in the details, so add a couple of bangles and some statement earrings for a flawless look.

Or, stick to a casual look that you can put together in minutes yet still walk out of the house feeling great. Opt for a relaxed fit pocket tee over a pair of skinny jeans and either a pair of pumps in a matching print to your pocket or a simple pair of white trainers. It's the ultimate lazy-day outfit for the stylish woman.

How to Choose the Right Size For Your Pocket Tee?

If you're buying a pocket t-shirt from Arlo Blue, you might be unsure what size you'll need. Ordering clothes from a site can be daunting if you're not clued up on how to measure yourself, but it's actually really easy. We use standard sizing at Arlo Blue, so once you've followed these tips for measuring your body you can easily find the right size.

To find your size:

  • Measure chest
  • Measure length
  • Measure waist
  • Consult a size chart

To measure your chest, you'll need to first find the fullest part of the area. Place the tape measure beneath your arms and measure the whole circumference around your body to find your chest size. Then measure your length down your back, from the highest point of your shoulders to where you'd like the t-shirt hemline. Finally, find the narrowest part of your waistline to measure your waist. This is usually around 2-inches up from your belly button. Again you should measure the whole circumference. Once you have your measurements, consult a size chart to find your clothing size.

If your weight frequently fluctuates, review your measurements regularly to see if your size changes.

What Are Arlo Blue Pocket Tees Made From?

We only use the highest quality materials at Arlo Blue. Our pocket t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, which is softer than the materials you'll typically find on the high street. It’s thicker, too, so you don't have to worry about see-through whites. Breathable, durable, and gentle on the skin, it's the perfect material for our wardrobe-essentials. As a renewable material, it's also more sustainable than synthetics like polyester, which is made from plastic. With an Arlo Blue pocket tee, you can be stylish and sustainable at the same time.

To wash your cotton tees, use cold water (30 degrees or lower). Hot water can shrink cotton so it's important that you don't set your machine any higher. You should use a delicate cycle or hand wash your t-shirts to extend their life and reduce the likelihood of damage. When your tees are clean, let them air dry, avoiding direct sunlight for darker colors. Try not to iron your t-shirts too often, but instead stretch them out a little after washing, and dry them carefully to avoid creases. If you do need to iron your pocket tee, make sure you set your iron to a low temperature.