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How To Find The Perfect Women's Hoodies Online

The humble hoodie is a must-have for any season. It's an all-time classic that goes on top of just about anything! They are perfect for layering in the winter and can be worn on their own in the summer.

But the selections... Oh, the selections. There are a lot of different styles out there, and some will naturally enhance your features better than others. At Arlo Blue, we understand that no two women have the same body or style. We also know that despite our differences, many of us value hassle-free, quality fashion that we can wear and share for years to come.

With this in mind, we've developed a collection of gorgeous and affordable styles and fits to compliment all shapes, sizes, and tastes! With a range of finishings, bold prints, and new products just for you, you'll never have a bad hoodie day again! This article will explore how to find your match made in heaven (even when you're shopping online!), so you can go forth and prosper in warm, fuzzy glory.

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What Makes The Perfect Hoodie?

The elements of the perfect hoodie depend on who is wearing it. Are you a fabulous fashionista or leading the casual club with a style that makes blue jeans and white teeshirts jealous? Perhaps you waver between the two!

It doesn't matter what your aesthetic preferences are. Finding the perfect hoodie that complements your wardrobe collection and makes you look and feel like the loud and proud (or under-the-radar) goddess you are is a no-brainer with Arlo Blue. Here are a few tips to look out for when you're making a selection.

It's Comfy To Wear

Nothing beats rugging up in your favorite hoodie!

When you feel comfortable, you're more likely to look happy and confident no matter where you are. Regardless of the style you love, hoodies, sweatshirts, and fleeces should always be cozy and loosely or snugly fitting.

Comfy women's hoodies, sweatshirts, and other staples allow you to listen to what your body needs without feeling squeezed, pressured, or out of breath. It also allows your body to naturally regulate its temperature better as your clothes are not causing uncomfortable flustering. Comfortably fitting garments make us glow!

The Garment Is Durable

Sure, there's a time and place for delicate fabrics, but at Arlo Blue, we believe your hoodie should get you through whatever your day brings. Long-term wearing, marks and spills, and excess light or heat exposure can take a toll on your garments. But with a durable fabric, it's far more likely to last the test of time to keep you looking great for longer.

Resilient fabrics are easier to clean and keep fresh when accidents (or the odd wild day) comes up, so you can trust your hoodie is capable of withstanding anything. Purchasing well-constructed textiles eliminate the constant cycle of buying-and-throwing prevalent in the fast-fashion industry. When you can keep your garment for longer, you're also contributing to a more sustainable future for fashion.

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Women's Hoodie

Choosing your favorite style is important when you line up your next fave hoodie. But getting the right size is equally, if not more, necessary. Getting the fit right for your snug cropped sweatshirts or your boyfriend-style oversized hoodie will make all the difference when considering the styles you love.

Our designers have worked tirelessly to create a diverse range of gorgeous sweatshirts in various fits and trends so you can set the tone for the day in a flash. Here are a few things to look out for.

The Shoulder Width

The most common cause of an uncomfortable hoodie is one that restricts movement at the shoulders. The shoulder seams should fit across the widest part of your shoulder width or slightly below that if you're going for the oversized look. If you're looking for a well-fitted hoodie, the sleeves will ideally come down to your wrists. They'll be loose enough that you can slide them up if you need.

If you're going for a more relaxed style or oversized look, the shoulder may sit slightly lower, and your arms may be longer. Experiment with rolling them up for an extra touch of cool!

Overall Fit

Ensure your sweatshirts fit comfortably.The length of your hoodie should sit at your torso, the hood should sit comfortably over your head, and the neck should never feel constricting. Commonly, women who shop for clothing online struggle because they can't try on the garments before bringing them home. That's why Arlo Blue has created a comprehensive size guide converting common measurement variations from different parts of the world. This reference guide helps ensure you have the perfect fit, no matter where you are!

If you need further clarification about the measurements of your desired hoodies, sweatshirts, or fleeces, simply get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to give you the details you require.

What are Arlo Blue Women's Hoodies Made From?

At Arlo Blue, we know that a suitable hoodie should last for a long time and stay super soft for as long as you wear them. That's why we construct our hoodies from a natural and synthetic blend, comprising 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This combination makes the fabric breathable and durable. Polyester is also known for its ability to hold its color and shape, so you'll be able to love your hoodie for longer.

Why Choose Cotton Material For a Women's Hoodie?

Cotton is among the softest natural materials for a hoodie. As a biomaterial, the fibers allow for a breathable and cozy feel when you wear your favorite garments. Arlo Blue uses exclusively ethically-sourced, organic cotton fibers.

Organic cotton is odor-free and hypoallergenic, meaning those with sensitive skin can also enjoy our products without skin irritations. By using cotton blends, we're able to support the local cotton farmers and manufacturers who work hard to produce this textile.

Polycottons offer the best of both worlds!This cycle combats many of the sustainability challenges perpetuated by the fast-fashion industry. With high-quality materials, clothing will last longer, reducing the need for surplus clothing production. Additionally, high contents of organic materials make the clothing easier to break down at the end of their lifecycle, encouraging a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Why Blend With Synthetics?

A common issue synthetic fibers carry is their inability to hold warmth as effectively as a cotton knit. The tiny man-made filaments in synthetics are not porous, meaning that the garments can end up feeling clammy over time.

However, polyester holds its shape and color more effectively than natural fibers. To provide our customers with the most comfortable, hygienic, and dream-like garments, we use polycotton knits and weaves to get the best of both worlds!

How to Care For Your New Hoodie

So you've found the perfect hoodie and want to keep it looking sharp for, like, ever. We've compiled some tips to help you along the way:

Store In A Cool, Dry Space

It may sound obvious, but ensure you store your polycotton garments in a cool, dry space, away from direct sunlight. As a natural fiber, cotton can fade when exposed to excessive heat or light. We blend it with polyester to achieve long-lasting color, but it's always a good idea to keep it stowed in a drawer or wardrobe when you're not wearing it.

Use Natural Detergents

How you care for your clothes will impact how long they last!Natural detergents do not contain harsh chemicals and bleaches that may compromise the quality of your garments once they come out of the wash. This tip is not only applicable for polycotton textiles but any fabric. Plus, they're much more friendly to the environment.

If you have any stains or marks on your women's hoodies, sweatshirts, or fleeces, spot clean them with a natural ingredient fabric detergent before you pop them in the machine. Consider using an organic fabric softener to keep them super soft and sparkly clean.

Warm Machine Wash

Washing with warm or cool water will ensure your garments hold their shape for longer. The cotton adds strong durability and resistance to your machine wash, but synthetics can be vulnerable to hot temperatures. It's best to err on the side of caution and pay attention to the temperature of your load.

Air Dry

Similar to washing, a hot dryer can distress your garments. For longevity, we recommend air drying wherever possible. If you absolutely must use a dryer, keep the temperature as low as you reasonably can.

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