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Best Pocket T-Shirts of 2022

Arlo Blue Shirts

As women in the 21st century, we all know the struggle of finding nice, durable, and well-fitting t-shirts for our daily lives.

It's true that there are millions of t-shirts out there but only a number of them actually fit your body well, are comfortable, and won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Well here are the best pocket tees for women who want to look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks!

Leopard Print Pocket Tee

Leopard Shirts

The Leopard Print Pocket Tee is 100% cotton and has a flexible fit. It comes in two different colors, black and white, with a round or v-shaped neckline. It also has an attention-grabbing leopard print pocket.

You can easily rock this t-shirt for any occasion and feel comfortable while looking great!

Zebra Print Pocket Tee

White Shirt

Our Zebra Print Pocket tees are also made from comfortable cotton material and have V-lined collars.

The simple but chic zebra print on the pocket makes it unique and fashionable.

Candy Stripe Pocket Patch V- Neck Tee

white pocket tee with candy color pop detail

This candy-colored stripes on the pocket detail is going to bring your spring/summer wardrobe back to life!

This tee will make you feel both comfortable and chic with its flexible fitting and V-lined neck!

Wine Dalmation Print Pocket Tee

white pocket tee

Another cute look for your wardrobe this summer would be the Wine Dalmatian Print Pocket Tee! Since it's made from 100% cotton with a flexible fit you will have all the freedom and comfort you're looking for in a t-shirt. It will also bring more color to your look with the wine-colored dalmatian print on its pocket!

Why Do You Want a Pocket Tee?

You'll like the pocket tee if you prefer to wear items that are exciting and smart and funny. T-shirts are a fashion statement and a very flexible form of apparel, but they aren't usually the most interesting attire you own. They might be a little bland unless you add a lot of embellishments. This isn't a problem for those who want a minimalist style or like styling around their shirts, but if you want a t-shirt that you can throw on fast, you might not be satisfied with a plain tee. The pocket t-shirt has arrived.

The overall design is suddenly more intriguing by incorporating a pocket to the t-shirt. A dash of vibrancy, striking patterns, and something to catch the eye is all present. It's effortlessly stylish, guaranteeing that you look stylish at all times in the simplest way imaginable. What could be easier than slipping on a t-shirt?

You can then dress up or down your pocket shirt according to your own unique tastes. We offer a variety of animal print pockets at Arlo Blue that would look amazing with an animal print pleated skirt. Fold your t-shirt in, add a trendy belt to tighten your waistline, and dress down or up with sneakers or shoes. It is all about the elements with such a look, so add a few bracelets and some bold jewelry for a faultless appearance.

Alternatively, go for a casual outfit that you can pull together quickly and still feel amazing in. Over a pair of narrow denim, wear a relaxed-fit pocket shirt with either a pair of heels in a complementary design to your pocket or a basic pair of white sneakers. It's the fashionable woman's perfect lazy-day ensemble.

white pocket tee with a v line detail

How to Find the Right Size?

You might be wondering what size you need when purchasing an Arlo Blue pocket t-shirt. If you don't know how to size yourself, purchasing items from a website might seem intimidating, but it's actually quite simple. At Arlo Blue, we utilize conventional sizing, so after you've followed these recommendations for measuring your body, you'll be able to locate the proper size quickly.

To determine your size, follow these steps:

  1. Take your chest measurement.
  2. Take a measurement of the length
  3. Take your waist measurement.
  4. Use a sizing chart as a guide.

To get a good measurement of your chest, start by locating the largest region of the area. To determine your chest size, position the measuring tape under your arms and check the diameter of your torso. Next, from the top position of your shoulders towards where you'd like the t-shirt hemline to be, check your length down your back. Lastly, check your waist at the narrowest region of your waistline. This is typically 2 inches above your abdominal line. You could measure the entire diameter once more. After you've taken your measurements, look up your garment size on a size chart.

If your body weight changes a lot, take frequent measurements to check if your size shifts.

Why Choose Arlo Blue Pocket Tees?

At Arlo Blue, we always utilize the highest-quality fabrics. Our pocket t-shirts are made of 100% cotton, which is smoother than the standard fabrics seen on the high street. You won't have to think about see-through whites because it's denser. It's the best choice for your wardrobe because it's airy, resilient, and gentle on the skin. It's also more environmentally friendly than synthetic materials like nylon, which are created from plastic. You can be fashionable and environmentally conscious with an Arlo Blue pocket tee.

Use cold water to clean your cotton shirts (30 degrees or lower). Cotton might shrink when washed in hot water, so don't set your washer much higher. To prolong the life of your t-shirts and limit the potential for damage, clean them on a gentle cycle or by hand. Allow your shirts to air dry after washing them, and avoid direct sun for richer colors. Rather than ironing your t-shirts all the time, spread them open a little after cleaning and properly dry them to eliminate wrinkles. If you really need to iron your pocket tee, make sure you use a low-heat setting.

Final Thoughts

There you have the best pocket tees for 2022 by Arlo Blue! It's not a question anymore who makes the best pocket t-shirts!

We promise you'll discover something right for you on this list, regardless of your style or budget.

Arlo Blue provides the most beautiful, high-quality, and comfy tee shirt collection at an accessible price.

Contact Arlo Blue today to learn more about the greatest t-shirts for women! And enjoy your shopping!

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